Ansible Playbook for Cumulus NetQ Agent Installation

Here a short Ansible script to install the Cumulus NetQ agent on Cumulus Linux switches.

- hosts: spine leaf
  remote_user: cumulus
  gather_facts: no
  become: yes
    ansible_become_pass: "CumulusLinux!"
    - name: Install cumulus-netq
      apt: name=cumulus-netq update_cache=yes state=present
      register: result

    - name: Restart Syslog service
      service: name=rsyslog state=restarted
      when: result.stdout is defined

    - pause: seconds=5

    - name: Add netq server IP addr
      command: netq config add server
      when: result.stdout is defined

    - name: Start netq-agent
      service: name=netq-agent state=restarted
      when: result.stdout is defined

Your NetQ VM needs to be reachable from the switches otherwise the command “netq add server…” will fail.

You find more information in the official Cumulus NetQ documentation:

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