I thought it might be useful to publish a list of all my lab environments which I have created. The labs which are using Vagrant require a Linux server with KVM (libvirt) to create and run virtual machines. Recently I have started to use Terraform to create my labs in the cloud. If you have question, please let me know via the contact form.

OpenShift 3.11 on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Downsized version of my previous OpenShift 3.9 lab. Using Terraform and Ansible to deploy OpenShift 3.11. The domain is hosted on CloudFlare DNS and Terraform creates the needed CNAMES for Infra and Master LB. OpenShift 3.11 on Amazon AWS  and OpenShift 3.11 on Google Cloud Platform.

Deploy OpenShift using Jenkins Pipeline and Terraform

OpenShift 3.9 on Amazon AWS

This lab is using Terraform and create’s an AWS VPC and all needed EC2 instances to install an OpenShift 3.9 cluster. Deploying OpenShift Container Platform using Terraform and Ansible on Amazon AWS

Terraform Amazon AWS VPC and EC2

Example Terraform configuration to deploy AWS VPC and EC2 Instances. Using HashiCorp Terraform to deploy Amazon AWS VPC and Terraform deploying Amazon EC2 Autoscaling Group and AWS Load Balancers.

AVI Networks Software Load Balancer 

Using Vagrant and Ansible to create three AVI controller nodes and two AVI service engines. Ansible Playbook for deploying AVI Controller nodes and Service Engines

Cumulus Linux Internet Edge Routing

This lab uses Vagrant and Ansible to test Cumulus Linux switches as internet edge router. Internet Edge and WAN Routing with Cumulus Linux



OpenShift 3.7 on KVM

Deploy small OpenShift 3.7 cluster using Vagrant and Ansible. Deploying OpenShift Origin Cluster using Ansible


Open Source Routing GRE over IPSec with StrongSwan and Cisco IOS-XE 

This lab was using Vagrant and Ansible to build your own Open Source VPN router and test with an Cisco IOS-XE endpoint. Open Source Routing GRE over IPSec with StrongSwan and Cisco IOS-XE

Cumulus Linux BGP-Fabric and Cumulus NetQ

Virtual Cumulus Linux BGP datacenter fabric using Vagrant to test BGP EVPN, VXLAN and NetQ validation. BGP EVPN and VXLAN with Cumulus Linux and Ansible Playbook for Cumulus Linux BGP IP-Fabric and Cumulus NetQ Validation

VyOS BGP Routing

Using Vagrant to create small VyOS environment to test BGP routing. Ansible Playbook for VyOS and BGP Routing

Arista vEOS BGP-Fabric

Small test system for Arista vEOS switches using Vagrant and VirtualBox. Ansible Playbook for Arista vEOS BGP IP-Fabric



Cisco ASAv Firewall

This lab was for testing Cisco ASAv using Vagrant and Ansible. Ansible Playbook for Cisco ASAv Firewall Topology

Cisco BGP Routing

Using Vagrant and Ansible to deploy small test environment for Cisco BGP routing. Ansible Playbook for Cisco BGP Routing Topology