Cumulus Networks Case Study

Cumulus Networks published a new case study about my work with them on my recent datacenter network rebuild using Cumulus Linux on Dell Open Networking switches and about how we have used Cumulus NetQ as fabric validation system.

Have a look and read the case study here:


Cumulus also published a press release a few weeks ago with one of my quotes about NetQ I made when we were working on the case study.

“With NetQ, we can run small check commands and see what really is going on in our network,” said Bernd Malmqvist, Tech Lead Systems Operations at SmartGames Technologies. “The benefits to us are early alerting and validating the entire state of the fabric. Monitoring is one thing, but with NetQ, the knowledge is instant. NetQ is really unique; it’s a tool that tells us exactly what is wrong in our environment, and the insight to know where an issue is stemming from.”

You can read the full press release read here:

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