Citrix NetScaler (Update)

Almost 3 years ago I evaluated and implemented for my ex company F5 BIG-IP 8950 load balancer; now for my new company I start implementing Citrix NetScaler VPX for our Windows infrastructre (Lync, Exchange and Citrix). Here a short overview how it is integrate in the two data centre’s:

From the first look I like the NetScaler, the CLI is a bit easier to understand from what I think but will see how it goes over the next weeks regarding balancing compare to F5 😉

I like the policy based routing implementation on the Netscaler, here a short example:

add ns pbr mgmt-access ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -nextHop -priority 10

Access to the will be routed to the gateway even you have a default gateway configured what shows to another direction.

In my set-up you need to configure policy based routing if server in the Windows backend network try to access virtual server IPs in the LB-Transfer network otherwise you have asymetric routing.

add ns pbr VIP-WIND-DC02 ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -nextHop -priority 11

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