New Cumulus Linux leaf-switches

Just added another pair of Cumulus Linux leaf (top of rack) switches and more VMware compute nodes to our production system.

We use a Layer 2 network fabric, see my recent post about an example: Ansible Playbook for Cumulus Linux (Layer 2 Fabric)

Got a bit tight in the rack for the DA cables, basically each server has 2x 10Gbit/s data- and 2x 10Gbit/s storage-network connections.

Front rack view:

Another two racks will follow soon in the same configuration.


Cumulus Networks (Open Networking)

In my recent data centre network redesign project I used Cumulus Linux on Open Networking switches from Dell (S3048-ON and S4048-ON). I heard from Cumulus Networks around 2 1/2 years ago and did some testing with the VX appliance back then but I was waiting for the official release of the VRF feature. Ones I got the go ahead for the data centre redesign project, it was clear to replace Cisco and use Cumulus Linux on the all the data centre switches.

I was one of the first Cumulus users of finding a bug with VRF in Quagga because of extensive use of VRFs:

RN-518 (CM-13328) - Quagga sometimes installs a duplicate static route

After a Cumulus Linux switch with VRF routes installed was 
rebooted, the VRF routes were present in the kernel but 
not installed into hardware. Restarting Quagga resolved 
the issue.

This issue has been fixed in the update 
to the 3.1.2 repository.

Like in my latest post the idea was to use a converged network stack which needed some more advanced configuration on the switch itself with different VRFs to split the data centre into Corporate (office) and Production.

So far I have a very good experience with Cumulus Networks, the support is awesome and very skilled!