Configuration re-sync Juniper ISG NSRP cluster

When the ISG cluster devices are correctly configured, they will start synchronizing the configuration. You can check if the configurations is in sync with the following command:

Cluster1:fw01(M)-> exec nsrp sync global-config check-sum     
configuration in sync

It can happen from time to time that the configuration of the cluster run out of sync:

Cluster1:fw01(M)-> exec  nsrp sync global-config check-sum 
Warning: configuration out of sync

To solve this issue, you should force the configuration sync (only on the backup device!!!!):

Cluster1:fw02(B)-> exec nsrp sync global-config save
load peer system config to save
Save global configuration successfully.
Save local configuration successfully.
Please reset your box to let cluster configuration take effect!

Cluster1:fw02(B)-> reset 
System reset, are you sure? y/[n] y
In reset ...

After the reboot of the backup device, the cluster should be fully operational and in sync.

Note : when the device prompts you to save the config, enter “n” (no)

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