Ansible Semaphore

I spend lot of time working with Ansible in the last weeks to automate the deployment of Cisco router or Cumulus switches. (Waiting for Ansible 2.2 to support Cisco ASA devices..)
Ansible is a great tool but if you have multiple YAML files and various roles it can get pretty messy and would be nice to have central tool to trigger your tasks and structure your environment variables or inventories.

I exactly found this tool with Ansible Semaphore:

The install is pretty easy and provides an API to trigger your tasks remotely.

You can create different projects and include your Ansible YAML files.


The source is a Git repository where your files are stored:


Here your environment variables:


Inventory definition:


Finally the you can execute your Ansible YAML files via the Web UI or API:



Have fun playing around with Semaphore 🙂